Event Venues

Each event venue, from wedding hall to conference spaces, has its own unique needs and flavors. 


Does the kitchen need to be open for public viewing and look neat and elegant at all times? Will there be gourmet food served on a regular basis? How much food storage space is needed?

Whatever your requirements, GSI Kitchens will set your event space up for success.

Project Highlight:

Eminence Ballroom

Eminence Ballroom is a luxury Brooklyn wedding venue that broke barriers in terms of size and elegance for a Brooklyn ballroom. As a venue that would be serving hundreds of multiple course meals at each event, they needed a kitchen that prioritized efficiency and safety.

We created a kitchen layout that allows the staff to work at optimal speed while maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety.

The hundreds of 5 star reviews they have received on Google attest to the success of the design.