Our Services

Here’s what we can do for you:

Space Planning Consultation

  • Visit site location to get a proper feel for the entire space

  • Look at measurement documents or bring down a surveyor to take measurements

  • Learn about your vision, menu and seating needs

  • See where food deliveries enter the kitchen area

  • Check for plumbing and electricity connection spots

  • Plan an efficient workflow

  • Draw a space plan and send to you for approval

  • Once approved, we plug in the mechanicals – electricity and plumbing needs.

Space Planning Consultation

  • Lay out the exact location and size of each appliance and surface

  • Create a detailed rendering or 3D design of the kitchen

  • Plumbing and electricity needs highlighted

  • Client sends rendering to engineer/contractor for approval

  • Consulting with contractors, plumbers and electricians as needed once construction/renovation begins.

Equipment sourcing & purchasing

  • Reach out to our vast network of manufacturer contacts

  • Compile a list of best possible options for all required equipment

  • Review options with client

  • Finalize choices

  • Client gives deposit and the order is placed

White Glove Delivery

Delivery scheduled for all equipment

Equipment unwrapped and placed in correct spot in kitchen

Ensure everything is ready for plumbing or electrical connection

Equipment registered and warranties activated

Once installed, all equipment is tested

Supply & Furniture Planning

  • Assess furniture and/or kitchenware needs

  • Compile a list of the possible options

  • Order the chosen items at best possible prices

  • Communicate with vendors as needed

  • Ensure everything is delivered and in good working order